Makerspace Partnership Program Announced

In keeping with the spirit in which this industry was built, we are pleased to launch our new Makerspace Partnership Program. ┬áRegistered Makerspaces will receive discounts on all products shipped to the Makerspace location. ┬áTo learn more about the program, please visit the Makerspace Partnership Program page. Thank you for being loyal customers of MonoFilament […]

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We are getting bigger!

Now Shipping 2.25Kg and 4.5Kg spools, also available in 2.85mm diameters! We are pleased to announce that we are now shipping 2.25Kg and 4.5Kg spools in Black, White, Gray and Red in both ABS and PLA and also as 1.75mm and 2.85mm. For a limited time, these products are exclusively available on Amazon.com. Please note, […]

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